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Podcast Archive

Ep. 12 – Interview with Pale

Pale is a Turok Speedrunner who just completed his first ever run on AGDQ. Lex sits down to talk with him about speedrunning, doritos, community, and lots more.

Ep. 11 – The Crew and Shotgun Farmers

We’re back! Did you miss us? Apologies for skipping a week, you can find out the VERY important reason we couldn’t record last week by listening to this one! We also talk about games we played the past two weeks, The Crew, Shotgun Farmers, and AGDQ 2021.

Ep. 9 – Spirit Island and Spyro

Both of our games start with “Sp” on this episode. That’s close enough, right? Also, don’t trust Cosmo for your board game advice.


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Not just another gaming podcast

Lex loves board games, Matt loves video games. Come listen to us argue about which is better (“it’s board games” -lex).

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